Worst Top 20 Excuses in Track and Field

Worst Top 20 Excuses in Track and Field

Let’s face it, we all had bad races.  I know, I’ve had my fair share.

But the variety of excuses is incredible.  So I compiled a list of excuses my athletes have used, as well as those from Olympic and Elite athletes.  In fact, I have used some of these myself… several of them.

So the drumroll please….

Worst Top 20 Excuses in Track and Field
I got a cramp in my legs
I didn’t hear the gun (though, I do accept this excuse for the 4x400m Lane 8 runners)
I didn’t see the finish line (or confused with Mile start line 9 meters back!)
I dipped too early
I didn’t dip because I thought I won
I haven’t done speedwork all year
I’m (still) recovering from an injury
I was saving myself for the Finals
My spikes were too tight (or too loose)… or my laces got undone
The starting blocks didn’t feel right
I had a bad lane (Lane 1 200m & Lane 8 400m)
I didn’t have my usual 2 cans of RedBull before the race
The sun was in my eyes
I have a blister, and couldn’t push off properly
I got spiked (800m and up)
Someone stepped in my lane and cut me off
Someone elbowed me and threw my rhythm off
I’m really not supposed to compete on Sundays
“I’m saving myself for the UK Masters”

Other honourable mentions
It was raining, and I couldn’t push off (or, I was afraid of slipping)
I slept on my belly last night and had a cramp on my side
I gave blood last week
I didn’t know the 600m start was “on-your-marks” then the gun, with no “set”