My Top Nine on The Go Snacks

My Top Nine on The Go Snacks

Yes, planning is the key to dietary success. Yet, life happens. Sometimes, we have to grab a quick bite. People always ask me what are my favourite ones during long comp days . Here they are:


1. Celery sticks with a nut butter to fill to the hollow portion. My favorites being cashew or macadamia butter.

2. Meat jerky. I really like ostrich. I also use buffalo, beef, and turkey, or a mixture of the given above meats.

3. Celery with goat cheese.

4. Canned sardines packed in olive oil.

5. Goat protein smoothie with frozen berries.

6. Branched chain amino acid powder and essential amino acid powder in coconut water. (My weapon of choice)

7. Turkey or roast beef slices rolled into dark greens, a.k.a. high protein roll-ups. The green used, like kale or spinach, provides a more pleasant taste to the palate and of course fibre.

8. Halloumi cheese and olives.

9. Hard boiled eggs and cashews.


PS, don’t expect to get ANY decent food, at ANY track, ANYWHERE!