Marathon Des Sables Training: 11 Weeks to Go…

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Another week gone, another week closer to my date with the desert. The past week has seen me pushing on with my strength training sessions with five visits to the PaleoGym in five days and a few more of the killer hill sessions to help convert my gym strength into running power.
I’m not going to lie, getting into the gym at 7.30am every morning before work isn’t easy. It takes planning and commitment. It also helps to have someone who enjoys kicking you out of your warm bed in the morning. But the results are starting to show.
I’m lifting heavier weights across almost all of my drills and when I get back onto the road I’m feeling that extra power when I run.
Coach Ivor has given me three different sessions.
Monday and Wednesday
Tuesday and Thursday 
We’ve modified some of these slightly to take into account the fact I’ve struggled with a bit of stiffness in my lower back. So on my Monday session we swapped out the deadliest for some weight squats and the arm rows for my nemesis – the chin up.
That’s the benefit of working with a trainer. Ivor can see when my movement isn’t quite right and I might be at risk of injury and change things up. It’s invaluable to have regular advice on technique as well. It’s amazing how a small adjustment to you form when you’re doing a drill can completely change how tough it is. And therefore what you get out of it.
Marathon Des Sables Training: How Am I Shaping Up?
Aside from lifting heavier, I’m feeling strong. According to my Withings smart scales I’ve dropped about 6 lbs and shed 3 per cent body fat. I can feel the difference, particularly in my upper body. I’m definitely leaner. So we’re heading in the right direction.