Lab Testing

We are currently one of the very few training facilities in the UK to offer full laboratory analysis.

Over the years, we have seen massive gains in performance, huge weight loss from individuals and amazing lifestyle transformations as a result of changes made, based on a few simple tests.

We offer over a 100 tests, each designed to detect a particular (mal)function of the human body. Each and every test comes with a comprehensive consultation at which time we’re able to design a bespoke diet, supplements and training regime, enabling us to get you in shape in months and not years.

Here are our best selling tests.

Comprehensive Gastrointestinal Diagnostics Test

Comprehensive Female Hormones Profile

Comprehensive Male Hormones Profile

And our full list:

Adrenal Profile – 24hr Urine
Age Management Panel (Female)
Age Management Panel (Male)
Amino Acid Analysis (Urine/24hr Urine)
Behavioural Health Panel
Bone Health Panel
C3D w/ IgG all types Food Immune Profile
Cardiac Health Panel
Cardiometabolic Profile (ZRT)
Cardiovascular Health Profile – Fasting
Celiac Disease (DQ2/DQ8)
Comprehensive Female Hormones II (ZRT)
Comprehensive Male Hormones II (ZRT)
Comprehensive ULTIMATE Hormone Panel – 24hr Urine
ComprehensivePLUS Hormone Profile
ComprehensivePLUS Hormone Profile with hGH – 24hr Urine
Cytokine RNA Inflammatory Profile (R.E.D. Labs)
Estrogen Profile – Urine
Fatty Acids (Essential) – Cell Membranes
Fertility Profile (ZRT)
H.Pylori Screen w/ Virulence Factors + Antibiotic Resistant Genes (STOOL)
IgG4 95 Food Antibodies (Bloodspot)
Intestinal Bacteria IgA/IgM (R.E.D. Labs)
Intestinal Inflammation Polymorphisms (R.E.D. Labs)
Molds IgG Profile (R.E.D. Labs)
MTHFR Genotyping
Nutritional Deficiencies Panel
Organic Acids Comprehensive (Urine)
Pain Management Panel
Pathogen Plus Profile w/ Bacteria, Parasitology, Viruses, GI Health Markers, ARGenes (STOOL)
Proinflammatory Cytokines
Proinflammatory Cytokines
Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2)
Sleep Balance Profile
Sulphur Metabolites Profile
Sulphur Metabolites Profile
Th1/Th2 cytokines
Thyroid Complete Panel w/ rT3
Thyroid Comprehensive Profile w/ Elements (ZRT)
Toxic Elements Panel (Urine)
Weight Management + Thyroid (ZRT)
Weight Management Panel