Hamstring Rehab UPDATE 09/03/16

Hamstring Rehab UPDATE 09/03/16


Ever heard of an athlete who tore/pulled a hamstring? Yes? Ever met a serious sprinter who didn’t claim they had tight hamstrings? No? Sprinters are just a common example but 99% of you who think your hamstrings are tight have got it wrong. The fact that they feel tight or you that can’t touch your toes does not mean that they are genuinely tight! Tightness and perception of tightness are two different things.

In my years as a chiropractor treating all sorts of injuries and condition both sporting and generic I have NEVER had to prescribe a hamstring stretch.

Imagine you have an elastic band, and you stretch it as far as it can go, it will become “tight,” and now imagine you want to remove tension, would you really want to pull harder on it?? No you wouldn’t or it would snap! The same is often true for hamstrings, they are often under-developed and weak and in such cases stretching them can be the worst possible thing you can do.

So why are they “tight” you ask? The answer can be many reasons. One of the most common reasons is lumbar-pelvic instability, if your lower back is rounding too much when you bend over your hamstrings will “tighten” to protect your low back from excessive movement. The chances are you need to be stretching your quads and hip flexors, learning how to brace your trunk, and developing your glutes and hamstrings.

There are many other possible causes, but the solution is almost never to stretch your hamstrings.”


These are the words of a genius chiropractor/strength guru that has been treating me for 3 weeks. Not only has he almost eliminated pain and tightness in my hammie, but he has done this without touching/manipulating the actual hamstring! Since the 6th January I have not being able to sprint at 100%, my strength training has been compromised, I have had pain 24 hours a day and it has thoroughly made me depressed! But in just 5 sessions, my guy has worked wonders and on Sunday I ran my 2nd fastest 40m from blocks (and this is with just 6 track sessions THIS YEAR!) Trust me, I have met 100’s of therapist over the years, but this guy is on another level.

Contact me if you want his details (he is central London based).